Please Read Thoroughly!

All holsters/accessories produced by DGL are made to order. By accepting delivery of this DGL product(s), you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

DGL products are made to order, and cannot be returned (excludes manufacturing defects). You, the purchaser, have 3 days from the time of delivery to inspect holster/accessory produced by DGL, for manufacturing defects. After this time(3 days) we assume the product is satisfactory to you, the purchaser, and may not be returned. All item(s) that are returned must be in unused, new condition. Used items cannot be returned for replacement. If there is a manufacturing error, we will replace or correct the problem at our discretion (exception: kydex belt clips and holsters are not warranted). After you receive your item(s), you should inspect the product thoroughly, as you will be accepting it in”as is” condition. You must understand that DGL makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including warranty of merchant ability and /or fitness for a particular purpose. Call or email us immediately if you have any concerns or questions arising from the result of your inspection.

This is a custom holster/accessory, and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to insure that the item works for its intended purpose in a safe manner. At no time should a firearm other than the make and model of gun for which the holster is made be used in a DGL holster/accessory. Accessory items may create an unsafe condition with a properly fitting, hand made holster. Target trigger, trigger shoes and similar items must not be used with DGL holsters. It is the user’s responsibility to insure that the item is in safe working condition each time it is used. If there is any doubt as to the serviceability of the DGL item, stop using it immediately. Do not alter the item(s) in any way, as this may result in a unsafe situation. DGL disclaims any and all liability for damages, personal and /or to property, that may result from the use of this holster/accessory.

You must acknowledge and realize that this disclaimer is a condition of the sale of the product involved. If you do not agree to the terms of this disclaimer, please do not place an order.

The safe use of this product(s) is your responsibility, and we expressly advise proper training in the handling of firearms be acquired form accredited programs such as the National Rifle Association and/or other qualified programs before the use of any firearm related products(s)

If you( the purchaser) are offered a discount, if after you are notified that your order is ready to ship and you (the purchaser) fail to pay for your order within 2 weeks after notification your discount will be revoked and you will be charged the normal retail price.  If after 14 days, after you (the purchaser) have been notified to the completion of your order and, have failed to pay. The order will be returned to stock and you will lose your order.

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1. Refunds will be issued after the item has been returned to us for inspection.

2. All new merchandise must be returned as received – New and in the original packaging ,with original receipt. No exceptions.

3. DGL will refund the entire purchase price of the product plus shipping (to and from) if  error was ours.

4.  Limited 1 Year Warranty!  We warrant our product against manufacture defects for the life of the holster. Warning: once the leather holster becomes soft and unsafe, either discard it or contact us about the possibility of refurbishing the holster. The responsibility lies with you to determine if the holster is safe. (Kydex belt clips  are not warranted)