I recently received my OWB#1 holster (my second holster) from Desbiens Gun Leather, and it’s so good that I had to write about it. I’ve had custom holsters from most of the big names, and in the past few years I’ve used nothing but ______. A while back, I wanted a holster designed specifically for 1:00 carry, and a few people recommended that I try the Desbiens AIWB (appendix inside the waistband). ______ and most of the other big names don’t have a model like it. The AIWB quickly became my go-to holster for my 1911 CCO during nighttime dog walks and any other time when I wanted to quickly head out the door. When it was time to get a new holster for my G20, I decided to stray from my usual makers; I went back to Desbiens for their OWB#1 model. It came last week, and it sealed the deal: Desbiens is my new go-to holster maker. Here’s why:

1. QualityThe holsters from Desbiens are equal to those from _____ in every way. I can’t say they’re better–I don’t think such a thing exists–they’re just exactly as good, from stitching to molding to materials.

2. Innovation. Many of the big-name makers sell the same designs they’ve had for years. Desbiens isn’t afraid to branch out and offer models that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Their appendix-carry line is brilliant, and the extra five degrees of cant in their OWB#1 makes a night-and-day difference with a full-size pistol.

3. Customer service. This is where some of the big-name makers really fall short. There seems to be an “artist mentality” pervading the upper tiers of the industry; it’s reflected in attitude and in price. Desbiens, on the other hand, has the skill, experience, and tools of an artist coupled with personality of the best neighbor you ever had. It’s actually a pleasure to talk with them.

I feel like I’m giving away a secret by telling the world about Desbiens, but they deserve the accolades and your business.

Greg Feldman, Certified Firearms Instructor

Just got my CQB DS holster today…it’s a work of art! The fit is phenomenal and with just a little bit of break-in it will be perfect. It really is the nicest holster I have. Thank you very much.


I have been carrying a pistol as part of my job, as well as on my days off, for about 13 years. Most of my career has been in a “plain-clothes” assignment, so I have been carrying my pistol in a concealment holster for quite a few years. Like many others, I have a whole box full of holsters that haven’t worked out so well. I met Rhome several years ago and he built me a belt holster and an Inside-the-Waist-Band for my 1911, they were truly the most comfortable and most concealable holsters I had ever used. We recently changed duty pistols, and Rhome built me several more holsters for the new pistol. Like the earlier holsters, these were by far the most comfortable and concealable holsters I have ever had for the new pistol. I can conceal my full size S&W M&P under an un-tucked shirt, and it is comfortable for an 8-10 hour shift. Rhome’s holsters are remarkable, I think anyone looking for a well-built, high quality, and reasonably priced concealment holster should take a hard look at Rhome’s holsters, you won’t be disappointed.

B.W. -Sheriff’s Lieutenant / Firearm’s Instructor

I have been using DGL holsters since Rhome started business, and had the privilege of testing some of his designs for wearability. The quality of his holsters is second to none, and they are by far the most comfortable holsters that I have ever worn. The holster always holds the gun tight to the body, at the angle I choose, and the first holsters I ordered still look brand new. Rhome has a box of holsters that he made and refuses to sell; if he doesn’t like it, it stays in the shop. I guarantee that you will get nothing but first rate leather, craftsmanship and quality with Rhome’s holsters.


As a hobby I like to try as many holsters as possible. I would consider myself a holster snob. Ultimately, I wind up selling most of the holsters I buy. I own or have owned every high end piece of leather you can think of (i.e. Brommeland. Bulman, Milt Sparks, Alessi, Tucker, Mitch Rosen, etc. etc. ) . I’d like to say I am most impressed with your IWB #2. For me, it just rides at the perfect height, is super thin, and very comfortable. I could not be any happier with it.


I just received my BHP IWB #2 holster today, this holster design is fabulous. Great job, it hits the mark where other holsters lack. More concealable without the reinforced mouth but just as easy to holster because of the way it is cut. Without a doubt it is the most comfortable holster I have, and I have many. Thanks again for a fantastic holster.


I just received my “Badger Reload” holster and all I can say is WOW !!. This is the best holster for carrying a backup gun. I wore the holster while on duty and it is comfortable and conceals like no other. I must admit that I was skeptical when I ordered the holster but after wearing it now for some time I am glad I did. My hat is off to you sir for a very fine holster.

B.S. Sargent / Firearms Instructor

Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I received my IWB #4 holster for my 3″ 1911 a few days ago. WoW! This is a gorgeous holster. I’ve got to tell you that this holster has far exceeded my expectations. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail have made me want to purchase more from you in the future. I was concerned about the rail on my pistol getting in the way of me finding a quality holster, not to mention the challenges of concealability being a woman. I can attest that this holster is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks for your time and awesome customer service, you will hear from me again!


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been wearing the Tactical Badger Reload and, the D.S.B.S. holsters on duty now for several days and all I can say is they are perfect ! The fit and retention is great, I can’t say enough good things about them. The weight of the guns is nicely balanced so it seems as if I were not carrying any guns, these holsters are that good. Conceal ? Well no one knew I was carrying my duty gun and a BUG, they just disappear, the holsters are that good ! Thank You !

B.M-. D.O.J.

Rhome, the new holster work’s great !  The cant on the holster is right where I like it.  Rides well on the hip, forgot I had it on, walked to the mail box when I remembered I didn’t have a cover shirt on so I pulled my T-shirt out to cover up the holster !!  So comfortable you forget you’re wearing a holstered gun !

Ken Z.,  NRA Instructor

I just received my D.S.B.S. holster today.  I tried it on in place of what I was wearing, and decided to just leave it on.  It is the most comfortable holster that I’ve ever worn and I own one (or more) of most high-end holster brands.  It fits like a glove and handles both my 3″ and 4″ 1911’s perfectly.
Thank you for superior craftsmanship and product.  L.Williams

I received the holster and belt this morning, followed your break in schedule to the letter and the holster is now ready to wear.  Just the right amount of resistance when you draw the weapon. All I can say is your products are as close to perfection as it would be humanly possible to make them !!! I like what I’ve seen so much I need to place another order for an additional holster. Again thanks for the beautiful belt and holster !

Mike M.- Sgt. (ret.), Kansas City, MO Police Dept.

I received the package today.  AWESOME!  I’ve used appendix IWB holsters for LE and CCW since 1994, and this is THE BEST ever.  Bruce Nelson is smiling down from heaven on you man.  I am driving 10 hours tomorrow to North Carolina, so it’ll get a good test of comfort, then shooting a two day class.  I’m going to hit you up for a few more of these #4’s for the other guns I use for training/teaching.

Thanks Again,


I promised you a range report on the #4 IWB holster you recently made for me:

Yesterday I spent nearly 6 hours on the Clark County (Indiana) LE range.  The temperature was in the high 90’s and perspiration was rolling off everyone there.  I was soaking wet as was the holster you made for me.

I re-holstered probably twenty times during the course of the qualification process.  Your holster performed flawlessly even though it was exposed to the hot and damp conditions.  The reassuring “pop” sound your holster makes when seating the pistol was evident throughout the 2-3 hour qualification process.

These real world conditions are important Rhome.  Interestingly enough, the holster made for my P229  by a different maker failed when it was exposed to the same conditions.  I spent six months waiting for this holster to arrive and I was extremely upset that it collapsed and I could not re-holster.  The portion closest to my body was soaked with perspiration, lost it’s shape, and snagged on the hammer release lever.  I had to use two hands to re-holster it.

If I have to replace my failed holster I’ll contact you. I won’t wait six months for a replacement.


Jim R.  Jefferson Police Department

Email: desbiensgunleather@gmail.com

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